Pre-Fall 2022

POEM is taking sophisticated, fashion-forward women on a trip to the future inspired by the works of renowned Pop Art artist, Gongkan, that will enhance POEM women’s impressive look with designs that revolutionize the fashion scene. 
SIMULATED SOUL is created as a surprise to all POEM fans. Comprising 15 looks, the collection showcases the dedication and passion of Chavanon Caisiri, Creative Director of long-standing revered fashion house POEM, and POEM’s team of fashion designers and craftsmen to celebrate and complement the delicate feminine physique. SIMULATED SOUL is the new chapter of fashion design that evolves into something refreshing and new, as well as the sweet harmony between Pop Art and POEM’s DNA.
“Gongkan’s works have caused quite a stir both in the Thai and international art scenes. What you notice first in the artist’s work in the black hole, or teleport art, which symbolizes a journey through dimensions that fulfils viewers’ thirst for artistic craving and portrayal of social issues in art pieces. The teleporting motif also alludes to self-reflection and the journey into the future and to faraway universe.” Phuwadol Treethanya, lead designer for SIMULATED SOUL collection, explains the idea behind the first collaboration between POEM and Gongkan.
Pattern is the focal point where two spectrums of design collide. The design by POEM’s founder, Chavanon, stems from special pattern techniques that have been reconstructed and recreated, while the works of Gongkan connect perceptions and thoughts in different dimensions from present to the future of two paralleled worlds. 
When POEM women travel through time into the future with Teleport Art, the phenomenon of modern design occurs. Lead designer Phuwadol further explains his inspiration of the creation of SIMULATED SOUL. “Black oval shape in Gongkan’s works represents a teleportal travel, while POEM’s DNA lies in designs using vintage patterns. Our challenge was to seamlessly blend these two elements, so I chose pattern which is POEM’s unique feature and blend it with artistic concept. The result is modern, flashy silhouette that gives the sense of modern times with Gongkan’s graphic patterns help make the collection even more lively.”

Among SIMULATED SOUL’s eye-catching silhouettes is horizontal cut created horizontally with no seams but only one zipper in the middle – an allegory of a journey through loops of time. Other key features, all of which are inspired by the artist’s signature motifs, are white circular light on long black strapless dress and reformed lines on skirts and trousers, knitwear with round slit cut technique, fabric shearing technique that adds sexy flair, and robotic patterns that bridge the gap between virtual and fantasy worlds.

Color wise, the main idea from both Gongkan and POEM is to blend the present and the future worlds. Hence, hologram is used as the main palette achieved by dyeing duchess satin in grey color to create holographic patterns, yielding futuristic vibes. The use of neon colors as well as black and white on POEM’s classic patterns are inspired by space and the universe, and the black hole seen in the works of Gongkan.

“This a new chapter for POEM where we collaborate with globally recognized Thai artist. Our goal is to elevate fashion designs and inspire constant development and creation of new things. We want every woman to have fun dressing up, trying on new clothes to bring out different sides of their personalities. You’ll be surprised and very happy if you do so. This collection is very special. Every process along the way was filled with positive energy and new drives to create better and even more memorable work. Most importantly, it’s our absolute joy to create a special collection such as this to our most beloved customers.”

The mothership has landed, inviting POEM women to reach out to the universe and understated elegance with POEM x GONGKAN new collection.
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