Introducing POEM Menswear, the house’s new aspiration to create garments for gentlemen of meticulous tastes. With delicately crafted designs, we strive to deliver premium quality wears that accommodate every aspect of modern lifestyle.

The heart of POEM Menswear is attention to details in every process. Each step is meticulously executed by the hands of tailoring experts, from pattern creating, baste making, canvassing, hand sewing button holes, collar and sleeves fitting, as well as sourcing the best of materials from the world’s top fabric mills. Various types of high quality horsetail-hair fabrics are blended to create suit masterpieces that guarantee to restore confidence in every patron the brand serves.

POEM Menware’s forte also includes shirts, which are basic items that will help gentlemen reap the most memorable impression. Chavanon and his atelier team carefully calculate every stitch accordingly to the haute sartorial standard, and place them on premium quality fabrics made by brands of century-old history from Switzerland, Turkey, and Italy.

“POEM Menswear will take you across the boundary of fashion, into a new territory where men can have fun dressing up, expressing themselves through styles and truly fulfilling your natural charm.”

Special Note: Our Menswear service is currently available within Thailand only.
To get more information about fitting procedure and pricing, please contact +66 2 656 1436 or send us an email.

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