“Something Blue”

Bridal Collection 2024

Gracing your big day in POEM exclusive Bridal Collection 2024, “Something
Blue”, with the tales of enchantment made with love. Drawing inspiration from the
centuries-old rhymes “Something old, something new, something borrowed,
something blue, and a sixpence in your shoe", the exclusive collection embodies
love’s beginning and everlastingness.

Dated back to Victorian England, the rhymes referred to what a bride
should wear on her wedding day to bring good luck to their marriage. The belief
has been signified as the recipe to the happy and harmonious unions. Some may
find it superstitious, yet in a sense of composing romantic poetry, we find it
mysterious and ethereal as we integrate the harbinger of good luck in a touch of
“Something Blue”.

As the embodiment of fidelity and love’s purity, blue as in “Something Blue”
captures the traditional touch that we incorporated into each of POEM’s bridal
gowns in a modern and meaningful way. A tailored blue fabric tag with the word
“Something Blue” is welded on the gowns to give our POEM brides that traditional
and special finish charms.

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