Sophisticated, classic, and glamorous; introducing POEM Timeless Chapter II:
“Heart of Gold” featuring the perfect fusion between classic materials and contemporary
fashion. This special couture collection embraces a revolutionary approach for the house’s
private couture. By choosing to narrate the delicacy of traditional Thai Silk, POEM has
this golden opportunity to introduce the modern reinterpretation of such classic materials,
setting free all creativity and unbound by the norm that used to limit Thai Silk
for only traditional dresses.
Heart of Gold guarantees the finest quality of Thai Silk fabrics, which was carefully
handpicked and tailored to create sensuous yet elegance dress designs that doesn’t
give off old-fashioned Thai dress vibe, but rather a modern and stylish sets
that can proudly stand beside other garments in the current fashion trend.
Timeless Chapter 2 bring about the house’s most revered traditional dress-making
technique, polished and tweaked by cutting-edge production technology.
The special gold palette becomes the main highlight for this collection alongside
the house’s classic black and white tones. These color schemes are incorporated by
the unique “paperize technique”, which constructs the pattern for Thai Silk fabrics
to make it look like folded papers, creating rigid structure that brings out
the true beauty of Thai Silk. 1950s A-Line and hourglass classic silhouettes
also make sure that POEM’s signature elements are present to support the body
as well as bring out the true charm of every lady.
Timeless Chapter 2 is the product of creativity that matches classic fabrics with
modern dress design, just like the perfect synastry that resonate two lovers
to embark on their golden journey together.
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