Rose Of Heliogabalus

Timeless Chapter 1

For over 14 years since POEM first conceptualized a fashion phenomenon, joining together unique, contemporary elegance with practical wear ability. 2020 also marks another important year for the house’s journey in the fashion scene. To celebrate the official launch in China, POEM proudly introduces “POEM Timeless Collection”, which features the reinterpretation of wearable elegance, fine-tuned into garments that can be worn timelessly. The first chapter of Timeless Collection will dive deeper into the concept of “Celebration” as symbolized by red color theme, which does not only represent the rejoice of such occasion but also depicts the ideas of love, beauty, and femininity.
Timeless Collection Chapter 1 reintroduces the story of an 1888 Romantic painting by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, “The Rose of Heliogabalus.” The idea of surreal yearns for beauty from the painting became the main inspiration for POEM in adopting the Romantic element as expressed through Rose petals digital prints. Such printing technique is said to be POEM’s exceptional forte in designing. Chavanon Caisiri, the house’s creative director, provides that “Each rose petal resembles a dot that aligns with one another to form geometrical shapes on the fabric, just like how the painting highlights exuberant contrast between the colors, the romantic ideas, and the narratives.” The red rose petals symbolize femininity and passionate love, spreading across the white background. It also mirrors the narrative of POEM ladies, from when they were first introduced to the brand to when they blossom in confidence and nobility.
When POEM ladies are in full bloom, their beauties are radiated with elegance and mysterious sensation. Many shades of darker red representing the alluring essence of feminine charm eventually become the key idea for the sequel concept. With this, Timeless Chapter I also draws forth the stories of celestial phenomenon that gives off darker tones of red color, such as the Lunar eclipse and Blood Moon. Another highlight of the collection involves the creation of structural hourglass-shaped 1950s silhouette, incorporated by the tactful use of reddish color schemes such as maroon, black, and dark-red. All are presented on the garments through the house’s signature ombré techniques, playing with shades of light and shadow, and creating the glamorous femme-fatal look.

“POEM Timeless Collection” is an ultimate compendium that truly reflects the house’s 15 years journey on the quest for creating beauty for every woman. It emphasizes the house’s identity where architectural perspectives intertwined with dress making techniques. This collection marks a wondrous journey for the Thai designer brand in tearing down the boundary and reaching out into a new realm, so that POEM can pass on the perfect aesthetic to modern Chinese women, fulfilling them with confidence to become the shining star in their own rights.

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