Pre-Fall 2024

“Sunlight pierced the canopy of purple petrea in the garden, dappling the ground with
shadows like fallen petals—a silent dance that whispered of the hidden beauty found in life’s quiet moments.”
POEM celebrates feminine elegance with the latest Pre-Fall 2024 Collection, steeped in the delicate beauty of nature and
a touch of quiet philosophy. In this collection, the house’s creative director, Sean Chavanon Caisiri, found a unique muse in
the blossoms adorning his own garden. The purple petrea, with its graceful form and delicate cascade of petals, sparked
inspiration to explore the Japanese philosophy of Komorebi. This concept centers on the interplay of sunlight filtering
through leaves and the ephemeral beauty that it creates.
The interplay of light and shadow is masterfully captured in POEM’s unique printing technique. Two layers of high-definition
1:1 purple petrea prints were placed together on organdy fabrics, and when illuminated, create captivating shadows
and patterns reminiscent of the movement of purple petrea gently swaying in a breeze.
This dynamic silhouette of the flowers truly captures the ethereal embodiment of Komorebi.
Key pieces in this collection include the flowing Wrapped Organdy Skirts, Circular Organdy Skirts, and
top pieces featuring the exquisite purple petrea prints—a testament to both delicate beauty and
masterful technique. Tulip Dresses and knit tops in a vibrant purple echoing the petals of the
flower showcase POEM’s signature timeless feminine silhouettes. White shirt dresses,
reminiscent of pure sunlight, provide a stunning contrast and underscore the versatility
of the collection.
POEM’s Pre-Fall 2024 collection was carefully crafted with the desire to
transcend mere garments. It is a wearable embodiment of philosophy—
an invitation to find wonder in the seemingly insignificant and to
appreciate the subtle beauty that surrounds us every day.
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Look 01

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