Spring-Summer 2024

Discover the glimmer of POEM Spring Summer 2024 Collection “Jewel of the Moon”, transforming an everyday look and indulging true creativity to come at full play. 
Originally inspired by our Pre-fall 2022’s digital arts “the orbits of stars”, the horizontal cut pattern signifies the focal point of “Jewel of the Moon”. Such an interesting deconstruction pattern-cutting technique accentuates the defined line next to curves, heightens three-dimensional effects, as well as gives additional surfaces for accents.
The way POEM approached fabrications through designs for Spring Summer 2024 is groundbreakingly fun and lively, whereas the iconic POEM code remains intact. The materials used in the collection such as lace, jersey, knits, and duchess satin create a unique collage of texture with flexibility, lightness, and life. Meanwhile, the textile scheme of velvet finish brings about rich surfaces moving between matte and shiny, creating visual impact and the perfect opportunity to style.
The polygonal hourglass shapes which give off modern gamine energy, shown in the house’s latest contemporary silhouette of both mini and midi bell skirts, frames continuous threads throughout the collection. The freshness of individual pieces with mixture of fabrics, fluid cut, and quirky charm fabricates collective conversational looks. POEM’s signature tailored and precise shapes run throughout and unifies all the different garment designs and makes them feel cohesive. 
As an affirmation of the frolicsome twist, pearl ornaments were meticulously crafted throughout the broken vertical lines as the ultimate accents. The pearl adornments, symbolized as “Jewel of the Moon”, delineate softness and femininity to the precise horizontal cuts on defined silhouettes. Moon signs have been envisioned as our creative director, Chavanon Caisiri’s incessant lucky charm as they have always been espied in many of his life’s works. Intentionally, pearl trimmings were ornated along the construction lines in reflection of the architectural sense of the garments with fizzy gamine spirit. The pearl trimmings also encapsulate the romantic rhythm of finishing touches moving across majestic attires including the shirtdress with pearl-trim bib.
Aligned with the bubbly moon details, delicate lace embellishing was carried in through the trimmings, composing the complete osmosis with soft and dainty materials. A hint of ribbon elements as the dot on the eyes gives one finish to the looks, as well as pays homage to POEM’s roots as ribbons are our most long-established accent.
The colorations of “Jewel of the Moon” are classic and muted with a pop of pastels and cool tones such as pale gray, baby pink, silky nude, and deep wine. The profuse ombre hues even so play appreciable roles in the timeless pieces like our notable oval and pencil skirts. To incorporate gamine vibrancy into Spring Summer palettes, magenta shades were integrated in each statement piece of the collection. Layered with light, airy, and rich textiles, the featured magenta brings a touch of cool tint, quintessential for tone-on-tone styling. 
The Spring Summer 2024 collection also revisits POEM’s acclaimed pieces with some freshening up by incorporating exquisite textiles, patterns, and colors throughout, for example, off shoulder knitted tops, draped jersey skirts, two-way lacy crop tops, mermaid skirts, and signature jackets in velvet finish
“Jewel of the Moon” sketches the perfect eccentricity between dynamic, classic, and effervescent from its unique mixture of fabric choices and adornments to the odd grouping of Spring Summer color palettes.
SS24 Look01 F

Look 01

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Look 02

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Look 03

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Look 04

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Look 05

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Look 09

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Look 10

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Look 11

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Look 12

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Look 13

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Look 24

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Look 27

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Look 26

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Look 28

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Look 29

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Look 30

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Look 31

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Look 32

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Look 33

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