Autumn Winter 2023

Unveil the extraordinary venture of POEM’s Autumn Winter 2023 collection, “Oriental Ethereal”, where every creation radiates and shines into the striking apex of audacious glamor and defiant poises, reflecting the majestic city of Shanghai.

Dated back to the post-pandemic prime when POEM set forth on the pathbreaking journey of expansion into China as its very first oversea boutique was launched at Citic Square in the core of Shanghai, the quest has enjoyed tremendous success.

“When we first sailed onto this uncharted territory, as a Thai designer, it was very exhilarating to put our mark on the Chinese market and, at the same time, received such immense endorsements, especially from the iconic Dilraba Dilmurat who has become one of our favorite muses.” Said Chavanon Caisiri, the house’s Creative Director.

“As the third generation Thai-born-Chinese, it was such a proud moment to be able to endow the deep-rooted heritage that is very near and dear to my heart and tackle the market that has been overlooked by most Thai Designer brands as they concentrate their focuses westward.”

Enlivened by Dilraba and her ethereal personality essence as the star inspiration, the design philosophy of the collection was transposed to flourish the angelic essence, in respect of structures, techniques, materials, and colorways, yet remain true to the house’s classic demure.

Apart from the fact that our Creative Director effortlessly recognizes the modern Chinese cultivation through the values of his upbringing, architectonics have also played a significant part of his design vision, in which is everything the eccentric city of Shanghai has to offer.

“It is fascinating how a historic and cultured city melded a diverse array of architectural styles from the grand Western-inspired Renaissance, Modernistic Art Deco to Traditional Chinese. Shanghai truly illustrates the best of both worlds, where East meets West.” Chavanon added.

This revelation was interpreted passionately throughout “Oriental Ethereal” as the structured silhouettes were distinctly integrated in each meticulous corset craftsmanship, embodying the underneath dramatic framework. Layering of the weightless organza as flesh and skin gives off a soft blurring effect, mirroring the divine ethereal essence that creates a sense of delicate motion.

As geometric patterns seamlessly melded with contrasted ombré hues, the mysticism of dramatic and demonic essences rise in the guise of three-dimensional motifs, enchanting in their modern aesthetic. The Art Nouveau prints, meshed across the collection, resonated the subtle and surreal artery, weaving their way onto sculpted and curve-hugging delineations.

“Oriental Ethereal” simultaneously incorporated assorted modish garments, with glistening ingenuity, such as mesmerizing mermaid line dress and artful draped skirt, gracefully wrapped around the alluring curve dominated figures. The house’s signature masterpieces, including bar jacket, oval skirt, finest knitwear and strapless sheath dress, were elevated and curated with freshly discovered design patterns, crafting techniques, and cutting-edge technology, flaunted into the new light.

Vivid storks of saturated colors, featuring dreamy ivory, sensual nude, coral pink, rose quartz, tanzanite teal, and mysterious black that lavishly illuminate glimpses of ethereal phenomenon, were infused thoroughly. Undeniably, POEM’s Autumn Winter 2023 “Oriental Ethereal” gives rise to the world of mythical divinity and prodigious architecture that transcend boundaries, showcased against Shanghai’s awe-inspiring cityscape.

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