Autumn Winter 2022

This coming winter, POEM entices women to explore the new structures and silhouettes inspired by masculine physique to expand the sensual horizon in fashion and celebrate gender diversity.
“I stand firm on our core design concept that has been thoroughly researched and on our true and tried sartorial expertise. POEM is passionate about using pattern as key element, because our fans are Asian women that strive for her best look in every possible occasion. Our designs revolve around stylish practicality, birthed from various silhouettes and forms and laced together in the POEM fashion world for every woman of every body shape,” says Chavanon Caisiri, POEM’s creative director. 
Basic white shirt is modified with feminine flair and paired with S-shape tailored jacket to amplifies curvaceous bodice. Three-piece suit, all-time men’s classic wear, is reinterpreted with corset on top of a waistcoat to create the illusion of an hourglass waist. A boyfriend jacket is also altered, both in length and width, to fit with the height and shape of Asian women. While more feminine touch can be detected, the same sartorial and pattern making techniques of menswear are still intact in this collection. 
POEM also takes great pride in its meticulous use of materials to match the designs of each collection.MAGICAL DUALITY’s key feature is pinstripe pattern, which is introduced in womenswear for the first time at POEM. Pattern, weight and texture of fabrics immensely enhance the designs, and the all-time classic fabric like wool is also prominently used in this collection. 
POEM also caters to special occasions when women want to look their absolute best. POEM BRIDAL has been crafting modern white dresses for brides-to-be with for the past decade. And while weddings in 2022 may need to be adjusted to the new normal standards, couples can still celebrate eternal love and marital bond with friends and families in their own unique way.
MAGICAL DUALITY  is another masterpiece by Chavanon that showcases timeless design, excellent techniques and harmonious blends of menswear and womenswear, as the brand adheres to its Dressmaking Tradition, Modern Mastery philosophy. 
“Simple yet powerful” is the key character of POEM’s latest release. Women of 2022 is all about value, but also the yearning for timeless elegance executed by refined craftsmanship, and MAGICAL DUALITY is offering them just that. 
 MAGICAL DUALITY reverts back to the time of POEM MENSWEAR and its iconic handcrafted tailoring technique. The collection is the culmination of 11 years of expertise in menswear designing and tailoring that has been adapted and executed with new materials and corsets. The result is “made to measure” clothes that compliment every woman’s body. 
“We decoded menswear design to create this collection for POEM’s woman to have fun when creating new looks that combine menswear tailoring and delicate feminine silhouette together. Smart and also charming, the design exudes both sensual and powerful vibe with lace bodysuit – it’s the age of “My Body, My Choice” after all! This empowering attitude gives POEM’s designers carefree joy to create and have fun with fashion without restriction of traditions,” Chavanon explains the inspiration behind the design concept.
flowing tulle dresses and skirts that become sleeker and smarter in this collection. There are also various styles of skirt that stylishly show off the wearers’ feminine side. All the items are carefully designed and tailored by experienced hands of POEM dressmakers to ensure every woman’s confidence. 
POEM BRIDAL gowns are designed for modern brides that do not limit themselves to traditional long dresses. However, corset and feminine touch, are still a must. “Every woman wants to have a wedding of her dreams, but it does not have to include super extravagant bridal gown anymore. It can be something more understated with attention to details. We now see brides in suits as well as stylish, tailored dresses that keep up with the modern times.” 
AW2022 MDLook1 FF

Look 01

AW2022 MDLook2 S

Look 02

AW2022 MDLook3 S

Look 03

AW2022 MDLook4 S

Look 04

AW2022 MDLook5 SS

Look 05

AW2022 MDLook6 FF

Look 06

AW2022 MDLook7 FF

Look 07

AW2022 MDLook8 S

Look 08

AW2022 MDLook9 SS

Look 09

AW2022 MDLook10 F

Look 10

AW2022 MDLook11 FF

Look 11

AW2022 MDLook12 FF

Look 12

AW2022 MDLook13 SS

Look 13

AW2022 MDLook14 S

Look 14

AW2022 MDLook15 FF

Look 15

AW2022 MDLook16 FF

Look 16

AW2022 MDLook17 FF

Look 17

AW2022 MDLook18 SS

Look 18

AW2022 MDLook19 FF

Look 19

AW2022 MDLook20 FF

Look 20

AW2022 MDLook21 F

Look 21

AW2022 MDLook22 F

Look 22

AW2022 MDLook23 F

Look 23

AW2022 MDLook24 F

Look 24

AW2022 MDLook25 FFF

Look 25

AW2022 MDLook26 F

Look 26

AW2022 MDLook27 FF

Look 27

AW2022 MDLook28 FF

Look 28

AW2022 MDLook29 FF

Look 29

AW2022 MDLook30 F

Look 30

AW2022 MDLook31 F

Look 31

AW2022 MDLook32 F

Look 32

AW2022 MDLook33 FF

Look 33

AW2022 MDLook34 F

Look 34

AW2022 MDLook35 F

Look 35

AW2022 MDLook36 F

Look 36

AW2022 MDLook37 F

Look 37

AW2022 MDLook38 F

Look 38

AW2022 MDLook39 FF

Look 39

AW2022 MDLook40 F

Look 40

AW2022 MDLook41 S

Look 41

AW2022 MDLook42 F

Look 42

AW2022 MDLook43 FFF

Look 43

AW2022 MDLook44 F

Look 44

AW2022 MDLook45 F

Look 45

AW2022 MDLook46 F

Look 46

AW2022 MDLook47 F

Look 47

AW2022 MDLook48 FF

Look 48

AW2022 MDLook49 F

Look 49

AW2022 MDLook50 F

Look 50

AW2022 MDLook51 FF

Look 51

AW2022 MDLook52 F

Look 52

AW2022 MDLook53 SS

Look 53

AW2022 MDLook54 F

Look 54

AW2022 MDLook55 F

Look 55

AW2022 MDLook56 F

Look 56

AW2022 MDLook57 S

Look 57

AW2022 MDLook58 FF

Look 58

AW2022 MDLook59 F

Look 59

AW2022 MDLook60 F

Look 60

AW22 3 1
AW22 3 2
AW22 4 1
AW22 4 2

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