Valentine 2023

Setting the tone for this upcoming February 14th, POEM takes centerstage with the Valentine’s 2023 collection “Heart Crusher”, arraying an ode to sensuality and desire.

Inspired to set forth the freedom of body and soul, the collection’s masterpieces were patently designed to accentuate sensual curves that evoke femininity. The profuse hues of red are played up and paired with the house’s signature ombré touch, highlighting the vivacious spirit of the heart day. 

Captivating cutouts are complimentarily rendered as the climax of the collection, exuding sensual allure. “Heart Crusher” also revisits POEM’s classic pieces such as satin shirt blouse, lacy shorts, and elegant lacy dress in the shade of romantic reds, perfect for a fanciful evening. 
VL23 Look01 F

Look 01

VL23 Look02 F

Look 02

VL23 Look03 F

Look 03

VL23 Look04 F

Look 04

VL23 Look05 F

Look 05

VL23 Look06 F

Look 06

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