Shaw's Bordeaux

Valentine 2022

To celebrate the year of the Tiger, POEM proudly presents
the launch of a new boutique at Citic Square in Shanghai, China.
Such a special occasion brings forth the reinterpretation
of the house’s designing philosophy, introducing a much more
modern touch to each of the exclusive pieces.
This perfect blend between architectural concepts and geometric
stream-line movements has become one of the most important structures for
POEM’s designs over the past decade. This particular designing philosophy
puts an emphasis on special techniques that utilize both the pattern and figure,
making it possible to tailor garments that greatly enhance
every wearer’s physique and confidence
As when POEM ladies are in full bloom,
their beauties deserve to be radiated with elegance and glamorous sensation.
Inspired by the expert use of perspective lines by a Spanish maestro,
Santiago Calatrava, Sean Chavanon Caisiri implemented this technique into
his creations, developing it even further with one-of-a-kind digital printing
technique and easy-to-grasp illusory graphic designs. As a result, this collection
tactfully highlights on the new presentation by creating optical illusion
through different kinds of geometric line, lighting, and shadow.
In addition to the garments’ shapes and forms, many shades of darker red
representing the alluring essence of feminine charm have eventually become
the key idea for these exclusive looks. The Citic Square exclusive collection
introduces fascinating stories of celestial phenomenon that gives off darker
tones of red color, such as the Lunar eclipse and Blood Moon. This tactful
use of reddish color schemes such as pink, maroon, black, and dark-red
are presented on the items through the house’s signature ombré techniques,
representing a gift handed with heart to every modern Chinese ladies.

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