Rhythmic Resonance

Spring-Summer 2020

The summer conversation on POEM’s new looks Lines and colors that embrace those feminine curves with love and deep understanding
2020 is an exciting year for POEM. Chavanon Caisiri narrates his idea of how an hourglass shape represents the sensual feminine body and how classy is the secret to elegance, and questions aesthetic concepts of each era and how they have been reinterpreted in the modern world. These notions were passed on to a Phuwadol Treethanya designer that has just joined POEM, whose expertise includes forming silhouettes and coupling contrast elements in various shades in fashion design that adds a fresh new look for POEM.
RHYTHMIC RESONANCE is the harmony of rhythm and techniques through colors and forms. Chavanon entrusts Phuwadol with the creation of lines and silhouettes that is painted on a canvas which is the sensual feminine body. The new perception of shape and form, created by the young and aspiring designer, comes in duets – Figure & Form and Foreground & Background.
“My idea is to present these concepts through dresses that complement every woman’s natural beauty. I’ve studied POEM’s designs from the past 10 years to look backwards into the beauty concepts of the yesteryears. I fine tuned the mindset to form a contemporary flair to the collection, develop new looks from old styles based on POEM’s signature corset that is adapted from the undergarment, to structure the dresses for easy slip on, including captivating pieces such as curving corset, bodysuit, tailored long dress with organic form hem that flutters and flows with every movement,” Phuwadol explains his design concept that goes along with POEM’s style.
If music is the joy of life, POEM’s design is the celebration of the joyous moments. As the orchestra hits the first note, the first pencil stroke touches the design sheet in the atelier of POEM’s to create the new collection.
The designs pay tribute to women’s diverse body types, and signature techniques of the brand are being reinterpreted. Hourglass Second Line creates an illusion of a smaller waistline and give women sensual hourglass body. Intertwined stitching creates spiral silhouette that circles around the bodice, complementing the round skirt and dress design for women of all body types to move with grace and confidence. Tessitura print, inspired by the staff on a musical note, showcases the brand’s love and understanding for women’s body.
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