Pre-Fall 2023

Coming into the Pre-fall season, POEM’s creative spirit takes a deep dive into the world of sprightly and effeminate finesses with “Nostalgic Poetry”, conveying beauty into the light.

The ingenuity behind this collection was dated back almost 20 years when the house’s Creative Director, Chavanon Caisiri, set about his very own first dressmaking journey in 2004. With a deep appreciation for such classic heritage, the idea was rejuvenated suavely by his assistant designer, Borvornpat Plyngam, throughout “Nostalgic Poetry”.

Jumping off with the intrigued fascination behind body anatomy, perky and eccentric methods of layering were carried all the way throughout the collection with assorted flairs. By design, the structured corsets were styled over the downy high collar knitted pieces, incarnating the antithetical forming of flesh and bones.

PF23 Look02 Keylook

Look 02

PF23 Look03 FF

Look 03

PF23 Look04 F

Look 04

PF23 Look05 FF

Look 05

PF23 Look06 FF

Look 06

PF23 Look07 Keylook

Look 07

PF23 Look08 Keylook

Look 08

PF23 Look09 Keylook

Look 09

PF23 Look10 Keylook

Look 10

PF23 Look11 F

Look 11

PF23 Look12 Keylook

Look 12

PF23 Look13 Keylook

Look 13

PF23 Look15 F

Look 15

PF23 Look14 F

Look 14

PF23 Look16 F

Look 16


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