Cruise 2023

Unfolding Cruise 2023 “Name of the collection”, POEM brings you the bursting of fresh and flamboyant motifs, forged by years of expertise in design and tailoring. “Name of the collection” was inspired by passionate concept of intricate ribbon craftsmanship, blossoming graceful woman’s flares. 
The choice of fabrics brought into play was no accident but hand-selected by our designers themselves. A soft hint of organza silk paired with ribbon detailing gives off subtle tactility to daily-wear shirt blouses. The classic and crisp Faille Taffeta is integrated throughout the entire collection creating rich and luxurious appearance yet soft to the touch. 
Radiant hues of color such as powdery blue, lively yellow and perky melon gives “Name of the collection” a youthful glare of POEM’s vigorous and exquisite delineation. In every ribbon details, emblazoned with the house’s signature ombré expressions show the touch of delicacy and femininity. 
The collection also features the house’s classic garments for a courtlier occasion incorporating wrapping and digital printing techniques, forming a masterful coherence between masculinity and femininity.
CR23 Look1 FF

Look 01

CR23 Look2 F

Look 02

CR23 Look3 FF

Look 03

CR23 Look4 SS

Look 04

CR23 Look5 FF

Look 05

CR23 Look6 FF

Look 06

CR23 Look7 FF

Look 07

CR23 Look8 FF

Look 08

CR23 Look9 FF

Look 09

CR23 Look10 SS

Look 10

CR23 Look11 FF

Look 11

CR23 Look12 FF

Look 12

CR23 Look13 FF

Look 13

CR23 Look14 FF

Look 14

CR23 Look15 F

Look 15

CR23 Look3 FF
CR23 Look11 FF
CR23 Look10 SS
CR23 Look14 FF

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