Spring-Summer 2018 Collection
“ Women’s Glam Daily”

Today, a pencil skirt is no longer a preferable item for modern women, but jeans. And crinoline skirt is perceivably rather a fairy-tale costume. Despite the truth, Sean-Chavanon Caisiri, POEM’s creative director, applies it as a motivation to resurrect the extinct luxury to the woman in the age of 4.0. After having been monitoring the evolution of styles from collection to collection until the Spring/Summer 2018 arrived, Sean truly acknowledged the special silhouette of 50s sandglass is not only a dress for particular occasions but also a dress for 24/7, for everyday and every pace of life.

For Spring/Summer 2018, POEM took down the mistaken value and evoked the new gracious taste once again. Sean noticed that POEM seemed to be an inaccessible luxury. Only a desire was sparked among women. POEM became just an inspiration, not an essential item to possess. Hence, Sean creates a space for daily glam. Once a woman falls for a dress and finds an occasion to wear it, that’s the accomplishment moment of POEM. The vintage pattern books such as Vogue Patterns, McCall’s and Simplicity – the designer and tailor’s favorite tailoring book, which some were published since 1870 has ignited Sean to merge the parallel world of 1950 and 2018 together. “Exploring piles of vintage pattern papers is to discover the feminism hidden in the old publishing which in that time everything carried out moderately. Clothes back then were all designed and presented ingeniously and meticulously – things cannot be seen in today’s digital world. It seems that women today have no mystery to seek for anymore.”

Chavanon mentioned about the source of the inspirations of his SS18 The elegant women of dynamic life is the new image of POEM women dressed in ready to wear clothes contemplated from the tailoring of 50s silhouettes which were developed by layering the undergarment, adapting and minimizing the silhouettes. Notable items are corset tube top, embellished with fabric buttons and Victorian hooks, paired with straight pants, wide-legged pants with central split cut, crinoline skirt and pencil skirt. Synthetic materials were just introduced in the decade thus creative silhouette and colors being variously initiated. This enkindled Sean the new ideas from his most favorite era to put into the latest collection; the utilization of polyester which is more elastic and durable than natural fiber, the integration of silk and synthetic fiber which make the cloth stay in shape even being washed and make the silk a go-to item for modern women. Highlight is the pairing between denim and silk which leaves street fashion behind and creates the new easily understandable glam such as tube dress and shorts. Pump up the youth vibes with ribbon details. As seen on shoulders which portray like a sleeve, on the rims of the back of skirt to imitate the tail silhouette, on blouse’s elbows to give ruffle style and the technique of slantwise cut wrapped around the body to create the shape of crinoline skirt swaying on the figure. The major colors of this collection are blue jeans and teal green, the popular palette used in 50s painting – before that, only primary colors were used due to the lack of technology. “Two parallel worlds of slow life and very fast paced life are ultimately collided. Women’s charm is always engraved no matter how slow or fast her life is.”

Reported by Sean Chavanon Caisiri, POEM – the glamming hub for modern women

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