Blessed with artistic eyes the creative team of POEM that has been glamorizing women’s shapes for over a decade has exclusively redefined their own definition of aesthetics in this latest Spring/Summer 2017 collection, ‘Ex-Mona’With a decade of solid experience in executing “beyond glamour” aesthetics for POEM ladies, the pioneer of intense feminism world, Chavanon Caisiri, POEM creative director, has discovered the new aesthetics that has completely opened a whole new world. It all starts when Chavanon asked himself if he should believe in what he sees and ‘What really is women’s natural aesthetics?’

‘An inspiration behind all key looks inside the collection was formed when I met two transgender models, TV reality show stars of The Face Season 3; for which, I was a judge. I really appreciated their organic beauty. They are no different from actual women.’ Chavanon refers to the commencement of POEM’s concept revolution and Thai fashion business reformation.

Spiritually, POEM desires to initiate the luxurious beauty to glam up “miladies”. However, the ultra glamour — by which, those “beyond glamour” transgender women use to resonate with natural ladies have bewitched POEM to reformulate its core philosophy. Ultimately, their undetected beauty has become POEM’s nouveau definition of natural aesthetics.

Introducing “Ex-Mona”, a luxurious beauty formula that POEM has composed to calculate the reversed aesthetics. The name is derived from Mona Lisa, a mysterious lady featured in Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting. Though most transgender models try to feminize themselves at their best, those two whom Chavanon met are like Mona Lisa. Transgender’s beauty is twice entitled than actual women’s but their fairness is as identical and natural as real women.

POEM brings the new definition of natural aesthetics to meet the magical pink and green crystals – Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Pyrite and Selenite. Crystals’ hues and traits are interpreted through the patterns of hourglass silhouette hidden under natural, delicate tulle layers. Highlight that includes a net fabric, 50s A-line skirt undergarment which is POEM’s signature technique, has also returned in a new style as ruffle, which appears in the entire collection.

Scientific and medical treatments, the solutions to change or even ‘return’ feminism to transgender woman can no longer be defined as a synthetic or artificial aesthetics. Instead, the modern innovations unlock natural beauty detained inside men’s body to shine.

It’s not so surprising that Chavanon asked himself ‘What really is women’s natural aesthetics?, the question which leads to the answer, ’It is an aesthetics that reverses to the genuine womanliness.’

“Ex-Mona” is reckoned as a gift wrapped with satin ribbon that Chavanon and POEM intend to give to all ladies – both natural and none. They are like flowers full of mysterious charm that deserve to be glorified for their dedication and bravery to shine in their own way.


It’s believed that crystals process spiritual energy for life empowerment. Colors are drawn from crystal’s traits and unique hues. Pink is inspired by Rose Quartz and Rhodochrosite. Pyrite is an artistic source for silver. Transparent crystals are Crystal quartz and Selenite while green is taken from Aventurine and Amazonite. Main palette of the collection is linked with saturated green crystals, turquoise, jade and also teal.

Silhouette & Technique

With a pattern design that highlights women’s body line and curve that brings out feminine charm and elegance, it can be said that hourglass silhouette is the signature silhouette of POEM for over a decade. For the collection, with tulle layers underneath, the hourglass is adjusted to fully and delicately embrace women body. It gives swaying movement that follows POEM women for the entire summer.


Not only the volumed tulle that shapes the hourglass silhouette, POEM also uses a net fabric, which is also one of its major signature fabrics since 2009 and an undergarment for A line skirt creation in 50s, for this latest collection. Yet, the designer reverses the style buy using the net in the exterior, and this technique is applied throughout the collection, as seen in long-sleeved blouse with ruffle bust, tank top, asymmetric ruffle top and long-sleeved blouse with ruffle sleeve.