Spring-Summer 2019
“Poetry in Motion”

Rejoice in the season in bloom with POEM’s play with feminine movements that becomes the inspiration for the brand’s new collection for modern women, POETRY IN MOTION, where dance and bodily movement is incorporated in fashion design.

Once again, Chavanon Caisiri, POEM’s Creative Director, makes a headline in the fashion scene with a workshop, questioning the relationship between POEM women and freedom of movement, and pushing himself to an unchartered territory in design to cater to modern, active women that look for luxurious details and simple elegance in the classic POEM silhouette that has been the brand’s DNA for the past 12 years.

How marvelous a POEM woman would look in a sporty style? “I’m passionate about stories and the movements of the body, especially the wonders of performing art like ballet as well as gymnastics that require arduous training to achieve such poise, gracefulness and elegance. The costume design for dancers and gymnasts also reflects this aspect: their outfits must accommodate mobility and fluid movements and at the same time have jaw-dropping, visually stunning effect.” Chavanon enthused as he narrated the inspiration behind POETRY IN MOTION.

The Spring/Summer 2019 collection maneuvers beyond fashion design limitation to sportswear for modern women while embracing classic features.

For the first time in POEM history, the collection presents one-piece swimsuit with the concept “photogenic swimwear” that sport two new shades never before used by POEM like Glamour Green and Topaz Yellow. The piece is matched with organza trench coat in multi-color that is light and goes well with many occasions to make any day special for POEM women.

In this day and age where fashion designers break from the norm and stress heavily on being different, POEM reverts back to feminine silhouette and youthful aspiration of every girl to become a ballerina. The collection’s highlight includes long and short sleeve spandex bodysuits that come with bustiers, making POEM’s sportswear luxuriously sensual with body-hugging features and understated feminine touch.

Besides the spherical shape that dominates most of POEM’s designs in the past collections, Chavanon experimented with new shapes and lines: the hourglass silhouette to create X-cross line, inspired by the crisscross shoelace of a gymnast and a ballerina. Lively with slimming illusion, X cross line is the highlight technique of the collection that appears in A-line skirts, pencil skirts and high-waist pants and bestows ideal physiques on POEM women.