Son of a dressmaker, architecture graduate-turned-designer, Chavanon Caisiri resurrects the allure of classic style for the modern women, expanding his visions of how such sculptural shape of legendary 1950’s couturier can be modernized for contemporary lifestyle.

Growing up in his dressmaker-mother’s workroom, doing his homework on the pattern-making desk while admiring the graceful hands and gestures of his mother while she’s at work,
Chavanon embraces the French dressmaking legacy of his mother’s atelier and combines it with his own knowledge of architectural geometry and fabrics manipulation to create a modern and practical wardrobe that evokes the uber-feminine appeal of 1950’s silver-screen goddess look.

Founded in 2006 out of Chavanon’s fascination with the images of elegant ladies during the golden age of Hollywood, POEM reinterprets the dress-making tradition into ready-to-wear fashion by keeping up with the impeccable production technique, perfected with a full tailor-made service to ensure all POEM customers leave the door with a dress that best compliments both their body and personality.